Mercedes-Benz is ready to hit the links with some luxury on the golf course. By debuting a new concept golf cart that could up your game to a whole new level. Trust Mercedes to add a touch of fineness to everything! This amazing new golf cart by the German automobile giants is a spectacle for behold. In fact it is such a luxurious ride that golfers would prefer a drive down the greens without human assistance.

Christened the Style Edition Garia Golf Car is a two-seater vehicle. The interior is made of wood, brush metal and leather. There is even a refrigerator under the seat. The stylish front and well-styled LED headlamps make it look a lot more intimidating than other puny carts. The roof is made of carbon fiber, thus reducing unnecessary weight. Inside, the cabin is bathed in leather and offers Bluetooth speakers and a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. Underneath the dash, the Mercedes-Benz Garia holds six golf balls in a neat little row, while “bottle holders” flank each side of the binnacle. It even offers driving modes and an electronic score card for golfers who hate paper.

If you floor it, the vehicle can reach up to 19-miles per hour. Only two of these luxury golf carts have been made so far. Mercedes says it’s ready to ramp up production if there’s interest.